Sabina Kariat

Moving Images

"Looking Back"

In the winter of 2017, I spent 6 weeks in Ghana, interning at the Kokrobitey Institute, a nonprofit organization in the small fishing village of Kokrobite. The organization deals with sustainability within design, and, during my time there, I learned from the director, ReneƩ Neblett, that the American or "Western" definition of progress often excludes traditional practices. This failure to incoporate tradition into our visualization of the future often causes designers to leave behind sustainable practices that have been going on for centuries, practices that often allow people to live in harmony with nature. Expecially in quickly developing countries like Ghana, the relationship between tradition and progress should not be forgotten. During my time interning at Kokrobitey Institute, I turned these teachings into a jornalistic animation.

Special thanks to Amy Kravitz, and "Aunty" Renee Neblett

See the full work experience [here]

"The Memory Box"

A stopmotion film about a keeper of memories...

Special thanks to Sonya Fayzieva and Agnieska Wozniac


Based on an indepdendent study with Prof. Anila Daulatzai. Anila spent months doinng fieldwork in Kabul Afghanistan. In this time, she discovered that the liberal definition of feminism was too narrow to give many Afghan women the respect and resources they needed.

See the full project [here]

"Comics to Combat Crisis"

On this project for my internship at PositiveNegatives, we proposed a way to utilize comics to educate girls in refugee camps about their health and safety. I worked on helping to draft the written component of this project, and created all visual materials. I wrote the script for the video, performed the voiceover, edited it fully, and created all illustrative materials involved (except for the "methodology" comic shown in the video, illustrated by Lindsay Pollack). This video was made in the course of a couple days, after we were given a week to respond to feedback and complete this visual stage of the IDEO challenge.

We recently found out that our proposal was one of the winners of the IDEO challenge! Positivenegatives will receive funding and begin working on it starting in March 2018.

See the full work experience [here]

A Musical Collaboration with Jordan Traeger

A stopmotion puppet interaction collaborating with animator/musician Jordan Traeger.

Short Animations

Gifs for Positivenegatives/WhyComics? Internship