Sabina Kariat

Independent Study With Anthropologist Anila Daulatzai

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

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Professor Anila Daulatzai is an anthropologist who did fieldwork in Kabul Afghanistan. In her time in Kabul, she became close to many widows working at the bakeries set up by humanitarian aid agencies for Afghani women widowed by serial warfare. Anila got a job working at one of these bakeries, and began to critique Western intervention for its propensity to project Western definitions of feminism onto these Afghan women, rather than providing the resources these women needed after decades of war.

I worked with Anila to illustrate her research, and to create a paper-cut animation that makes her complex concept accessible to a wider audience. I then coded a custom website to serve as a context for these illustrations.

Throughout the project, I learned that, while I should constantly create to actualize ideas, I should also question the materials I create, because visualizing people in certain ways can enact a form of violence. In this project, I learned to navigate the gap between the explorative aspects of antrhopology and the product-based methodologies of illustration.

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