Sabina Kariat

"Gulnaz, Baljit, and Sahar"

This project was a collaboration with 3 RISD illustrators in a class for Prof. Paul Karasik. We illustrated a comic based on cases by international lawyer Kimberley Motely, who we were in communication with. Throughout the process, we conducted research, interviewed experts, talked to Kim Motely, and wrote material and scripts for the final comic.

Our primary goals were to contradict the archetype of the "American savior," by centralizing the subjects of these cases(Gulnaz, Baljit, and Sahar) as protagonists who had agency and perseverence within their own stories. We strived to be contientious in representing a culture we were distant from, and in combatting problematic stereotypes.

Please access my writing on pages 2-3, and my sketches and work on pages 20-32. Shown below are two non-consecutive samples of finished pages.