Sabina Kariat

Ghana Internship at Kokrobitey Institute

In the winter of 2017, I spent 6 weeks in Ghana, interning at the Kokrobitey Institute, a nonprofit organization in the small fishing village of Kokrobite. The organization deals with sustainability within design, and, during my time there, I learned from the director, Renee Neblett, that the Western definition of "progress" often excludes traditional non-Western practices. This failure to incoporate tradition into our visualization of the future often causes designers to leave behind sustainable practices that have persisted for centuries, practices that often allow people to live in harmony with nature. Expecially in quickly developing countries like Ghana, the Kokrobitey Institute teaches that the relationship between tradition and progress should not be forgotten.

During this time, one of my primary projects was to build a new website for the Kokrobitey Institute, as well as refining the logo and creating brand materials for the opening of the new design center. I designed the new website on Squarespace, made a custom font, refurbished the logo, and participated in collaborative discussions about the mission statement of the Institute, to create the Institute's current tagline "Read the World."

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